Michelangelo Over 2 4th August 2015

//Michelangelo Over 2 4th August 2015

Michelangelo Over 2 4th August 2015

This month we are learning about travelling to other countries . In that we are learning about airport , about Aeroplanes ,about living places, about beaches, about parks , about food that we like to eat outside  and also about markets .  We started doing our trip from Australia .

Today we start our day with greeting our friends with good morning song . Then we sang today’s weather song. As we are learning about hotels and house this week we were learning today about our house space “BATHROOM” (things what we can see in our bathroom). We completed matching cards activity (mirror, sink,toilet,bathtub and toothbrush holder).

Today learnt a new song describing the way we brush our teeth with actions.

Montessori activities :-

-threading the shapes

-transferring pine cones

-brown stairs

Today miss Anna brought her parrot to our centre  and we all played with the parrot in group time .

The children really enjoyed watching the parrot and feeding it it a banana and an orange. We learnt about different colors of parrot and also about different body parts of parrot . We also read the story ” Their is a bird in my backyard” .


Miss Sam and Miss Rikki .

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