5 August 2015 (Wednesday)

//5 August 2015 (Wednesday)

5 August 2015 (Wednesday)

This morning we talked about our houses. We revised looking at the bathrooms cards that we looked at yesterday. We talked about what features were in the bathroom. We learned a bathroom song “That’s my bathroom, what can I see?” Each child participated in the song by telling what they could see in the bathroom.

Today Miss Sam and Connor made a house with paddle-pop sticks. Suzi was doing numbers from 1-10. Oscar and Jerry were busy doing play dough faces and enjoyed making funny faces. We also made houses by gluing and sticking collage materials.

We also experienced temperature differences simultaneously with one hand in warm water and one in cold water. In the afternoon we read the story ‘My bathroom’ and saw different pictures of bathrooms and they loved the picture of the bathtub with duckies floating in the water!  Some children also enjoyed playing soccer today We had a fun day!

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