Monthly Journal, January 2019- Monet, Michelangelo, Mozart and Kindy Class

//Monthly Journal, January 2019- Monet, Michelangelo, Mozart and Kindy Class

Monthly Journal, January 2019- Monet, Michelangelo, Mozart and Kindy Class

Dear  Parents and Caregivers,

The new school year has begun, so our program and routines have resumed. January saw the 4 classes learning about Australia, its animals and culture due to the Australia Day Public Holiday. We also had a special visit by piglets from our sister centre, The Montessori Farm in Willow Vale. Here’s what the classes were up to, enjoy the read!

Monet and Michelangelo Class: It was a nice and quiet start to January with low numbers all round due to holidays. The children had time to settle into routines and being back at our centre with their friends. During the first few weeks of January we began re-implementing materials and focusing on our preliminary exercises. The teachers worked closely with the children in order to help them learn the process of how to work with the materials. In the preliminary exercises, children learnt the basic movements, such as pouring, folding and carrying. We also looked at our control of movement as this focused-on teaching children to refine and coordinate control of their bodies though activities, such as walking on the line. We ended the month with learning about the country that we call our home ‘Australia’. In the classroom we had created a display of materials that allowed our children to immerse themselves in Australia’s diverse cultural history. To begin this discussion, we talked about how we are all Australian and that some of friends do come from a various cultural background. Children also learnt about the differences between the Australian and Aboriginal flag and learnt about our native animals. On the 25th we joined Mozart & Kindy Class for our own Australia Day Party. The children from Monet and Michelangelo class prepared “surfing koalas” (Caramello koalas in Jelly) and the older children cooked some snags on the barbie. We had a fun filled afternoon with typical Aussie games, food and classic Australian songs.

Mozart and Kindy Class: With fewer children we had more time supporting their transition and settling in the the younger children from Michelangelo Class. We started with a lot of discussion, modeling and monitoring the working process including setting up, working properly and packing away nicely, the ground rules (walking feet, inside voice and holding a teacher’s shoulder to ask for help). Then we learnt about our classroom and centre, the names, their meaning, how to take care of our class and centre, as well as being proud of being part of the class. The last two weeks was the time we focused on Australia and Aboriginal culture to celebrate the Australia Day. We spent time learning about Australian Geography with the Continent Poem, World Puzzle, Australian Puzzle, dot painting, Australian animals, their living places, food, the movements and sounds they make, and body parts of a kangaroo using Nomenclature Cards. More importantly, we had meaningful and collaborative time with Michelangelo children. We cooked sausages and helped to make jelly; then all children enjoyed a yummy afternoon tea together, then played tossing balls decorated with the Australian flag and ran the three-legged race. Some parents contributed books, a chart of Aboriginal languages and a crocodile puzzle with dot painting, all of which made our program interesting and engaging to children. Thank you!

February has more fun events in store for us, our curriculum is in full swing again!

  • Montessori Early Education Taringa Team



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