Monthly Journal, July 2018- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

//Monthly Journal, July 2018- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

Monthly Journal, July 2018- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

July was an exciting month with another highly anticipated event of the year- the jumping castle. This time the children had not 1, but 4 days of bouncing joy! The week after Mozart and Kindy children went on an excursion to Woolworth’s as part of our community involvement and the topic of healthy eating habits. We paid a tribute to the NAIDOC week by learning about the First Nations with a focus on their women. Here is what the classes were learning last month, enjoy the read.

Monet Class: The first week of July the children learnt about the birds around the centre. We went on a ‘birding’ expedition where children looked through their binoculars, trying to spot birds in the trees and in flight. Throughout the second week we celebrated NAIDOC- Because of Her, We Can! Children discussed, learnt and experienced some of the elements of the Indigenous heritage and culture. During the third week we had the big event, the jumping castle! Our week consisted of child’s play where children participated in different experiences such as parachute games, yoga and dancing, and used their team building and socialisation skills. Mid-July we began our ongoing theme insects, learning about ants, bees, worms, lady bugs and many more creepy crawlies. Throughout the month we had a few different cooking and sensory experiences. The children made chocolate crackle nests and explored the different insects using a magnifying glass in our insect sensory bin.

Michelangelo Class: The first week we learnt about birds and their characteristics, such as flying, making a nest and laying eggs in it, eating worms/seeds/fruit/nectar, having feathers and a beak. We did activities with feathers where children got to touch, feel and sort them by colour. We also had a cooking experience where the children got to serve themselves some sultanas by using a tong. The idea was for them to imagine the tong as being a bird beak, collecting the sultanas one by one. During the NAIDOC week we learnt about the Australian indigenous cultures by listening to their music and dancing, making movements that represent Australian animals. We also crafted a didgeridoo using paper rolls and paint. Children did lots of dot painting that week, as well. The third week children enjoyed the jumping castle. We also did a lot of fun activities with balls, parachute and bubbles. We then explored the strawberry fruit. We did activities with numbers, colours and sizes, all inspired by the strawberry theme. Children got to help at preparing a strawberry smoothie and we did painting and pasting activities related to the topic. To conclude the month we learnt about transportation; which transport vehicles go in water, land or air. Children also sorted boats as big, medium and small and played with puzzles related to the topic.

Mozart Class: In July Mozart children had a great time to develop and take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical well-being. We started with group discussions about what makes us healthy and happy. The children could share such meaningful ways as ‘doing exercise, eating healthy food and washing hands’. They had a great chance to improve a lot of physical and gross motor skill development with the four-day jumping castle.  They learnt about 5 groups of food (protein, cereals, fruit, vegetables and dairy) and the portion of each group using the Australian Healthy Eating Guidelines. Our excursion to Woolworth’s to learn about healthy choice of food and food processing was interesting and meaningful. For hygiene, the children had a chance to reinforce the process and routines of washing their hands, blowing noses, coughing and brushing teeth at home and at school. At the moment, more children are increasing their independence and competence in personal hygiene, care and safety for themselves and others.

  • Montessori Early Education Taringa Team



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