Monthly Journal, June 2018- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

//Monthly Journal, June 2018- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

Monthly Journal, June 2018- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The month of June saw one of the most anticipated events of the year; the baby farm animal visit. Needless to say, the children were ecstatic and had their hearts melt while feeding and petting the animals. Mozart Class started their Library Days where a librarian visits from the Indooroopilly Public Library for story time once a month, as part of our community involvement. We welcomed a new staff member to our team, Miss Kailah, and said good-bye to Ms Sanju, our beloved colleague of 3 years.

Monet Class: The first week we learnt about Winter. Through matching cards activities, photos and books we discussed the season with our children, the clothes we wear and how is the weather during winter days. We spoke about wind and rain, as well. The second week we learnt about manners and kindness. We read various books that explore the words “please, thank you and sorry”. We also practiced our kindness towards our friends and soft toys. During the third week we had farm animals visiting our centre, so we did lots of activities related to the theme. Children learnt about the animals through puzzles, photos, songs and animal miniatures. The last week of the month we focused on practical life activities such as sweeping, transferring, pouring, threading and more.

Michelangelo Class: 

The first week we learnt about opposites: Sweet and Sour, Sink and Float, Full and Empty, Big and Small, Open and Close. The second week we learnt about flowers: dissecting a flower, making flower arrangements, identifying the parts of a flower (leaf, petal and stems), letter F is for flower and reviewed it all by pasting leaves, stems and petals. We then learnt about farm animals by introducing them through puzzles, sorting farm animals by taking turns picking an animal and determining if it lives on a farm or elsewhere and washing the muddy farm animals.

Mozart Class: We started the month with the topic of Birds which was initiated and voted by the children. They had a great chance to share their experiences and learning about Australian birds and bird body parts. They had a cooking class- making a bird’s nest. During the last three weeks the children learnt about the farm animals, farm animal family and the body parts of a cow. They were interested in the real life engagement with the baby farm animal visit. They had an excellent chance patting, feeding and brushing baby farm animals and talking about their favourite ones. They also had time doing the gardening with Ms Janet- planting flower plants and taking care of them.

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