Monthly Journal, May 2018- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

//Monthly Journal, May 2018- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

Monthly Journal, May 2018- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The month of May was heart-warming with our Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea; a special thank you to those mothers who could join our event and bring a dish, we hope to see even more of you next year! In the second half of the month Mozart Class went on an excursion to the Indooroopilly Library. It was the first time that the whole class joined on that day, so thank you again for making this possible for your children!

Monet Class: Our first theme was “Boat”- it was inspired by a family story posted on Kindy Hub. Children observed photos of the boats we can see in Brisbane, such as the City Hopper, City Cat, rowing boats, yachts and many other types. We played with paper boats and made boats out of egg cartons. For cooking class we made Vegemite on toast and celebrated Mother’s day. Throughout the week we role played our mothers by playing with baby dolls. We talked about how mothers take good cafe of us, helping at bath time, feeding, putting children to sleep and giving them much love. We crafted a Mother’s Day card and blended berry smoothies for a cooking class.​ The week after we focused on Montessori activities such as rolling the mat, arranging flowers, wiping/spraying plants and so on. We wanted the children to learn the proper way to use specific materials in order to develop their confidence during Montessori time. For cooking class we made banana and honey spread on toast and a banana milkshake. The last week of May we introduced the primary colours Blue, Red, Yellow. We had sensory bins for each of the colours that children could explore and learn about the objects in the bins. We also did a colour sorting activity. For cooking class we made a fruit salad with fruits that contain the primary colours (banana, strawberry and blueberry). It was a very enjoyable month!

Michelangelo Class: We introduced the names of farm animals by matching the farm animal card activity, introduced letter F, associated farm animals with farm animal picture cards and 3-D farm animals. During our cooking activity we learnt how to put fruits on a skewer and spread butter on bread . On Mother’s Day topic we discussed what we can do for our mum to show her appreciation, not only on that day, but every day. We introduced family member words such as Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Grandmother and Grandfather through pictures with words and introduced the letter “M”. The children learned how to wash dolls by using soapy water, a towel to dry the baby and clothes to wear as part of the “Mother’s Day” theme. We then reviewed the family member word cards and discussed about what our mum does for us, then celebrated Mother’s Day at afternoon tea. In the second half of the month we focused on seasons and weather: we introduced  the icons of the weather with our magnetic cards (sunny, rainy, windy, cloudy, cold,  stormy). We made a sunny day with real fruits, a rainy day painting, a windy day by blowing light things around (paper pieces, etc), and reviewed it all by matching the icons of weather cards activity. This week during our cooking we squeezed fresh orange juice and drank it. We then discussed different seasons and asked in which season do we need to wear specific items. We showed the children images of winter, autumn, summer and spring and matched them with calendar season icons. For Autumn we painted a tree in Autumn with foil stamping, for Spring we made a bubble wrap blossom tree by using pink and red paint. In the end we learnt about road safety by introducing traffic light colours through cards, and what red, yellow and green colour stand for, introduced letter “T” and learned the Traffic light song.

Mozart Class: The children had interesting learning experiences during May with two engaging and meaningful events: Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea and an excursion the the local library. Most children brought in their family photos to show and share with friends. They were happy and proud while talking about their family members and their love for parents, all of which assisted their confidence, identity and verbal communication. All children learnt new songs about family and Mother’s Day. They sang beautifully together to their mothers during the Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea. To prepare for our excursion to the library, the children had time practising walking along roads while holding a safety rope, which helped enhance their physical movement and control, their awareness of the traffic safety rules while crossing the roads. All children came back with the love of reading books and they voted to learn more about books; therefore, we provided the chance for them to listen to more stories, sequence the story plot of The Ginger Bread Man and do the role play of the Ginger Bread Man story. We also organised a successful cooking class- baking the Ginger Bread Man biscuits. Yum!

On June 19th we’ll host baby farm animals, all children are already looking forward to this event! We have also updated and emailed out a few of our policies. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you haven’t received the email or have inquiries in regard to it. Thank you!

  • Montessori Early Education Taringa Team



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