Monthly Journal, November 2017- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

//Monthly Journal, November 2017- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

Monthly Journal, November 2017- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

November was a warm and fun month with the much anticipated Water-slide Castle Day, Happy Feet for parents and of course our annual Christmas and Graduation Concert. A warm thank you to all families who were able to join us at celebrating our children’s progress and participating in this year’s charity by donating Christmas presents to Angel Tree, a program which supports frequently overlooked children of prisoners and their families.

Monet Class: The first week of November we celebrated or Grandparents. Children brought photographs of their grandparents to show to friends. We read many books that talk about grandparents-grandchildren relationships. Our topic for the following week was Sun Safety. Children learnt how to be sun smart by applying sunscreen, wearing hat and playing in shady areas. This month we also worked on children’s practical life skills by doing transferring and pouring activities, as well as teaching children self-care abilities such as cleaning their face, nose, taking pants off and putting them on. In the end of the month we followed the children’s interest about birds. Children learnt about Cockatoo, Magpie and Kookaburra.

Michelangelo Class: We learnt about letters T and O, numbers 1 to 4 through spindle boxes, had a Road Safety theme where children were learning about the traffic light colours (red, yellow and green) and what those colours stand for, about the STOP sign, and continued  with opposites words (heavy and light, sink and float, soft and hard, big and small, in and out, full and empty, open and close). The children had a blast during the Water-slide Day and only a few felt a bit scared. They practiced the whole month for the Christmas performance and most of them didn’t get the stage fright. We are very proud of them!

Mozart Class: During the first two weeks of November, children had great fun learning about dinosaurs. This topic engaged a lot of children’s curiosity and learning. They could remember long names of dinosaurs and loved to draw Spinosaurus using an oval Metal Inset. The most interesting experience was the pretend hatching egg of a Muttaburrasaurus Langdoni (an Australian dinosaur called Molly) and the educational video about different types of dinosaurs and why they became extinct. Then children had good memories with the water-slide day. As a follow up of their interest in water play, children had a chance to learn more about water, including water states (solid, liquid and gas), the dissolving process in water using sugar, salt, sand and oil and the water cycle. All children were engaged in hands-on real life engagement with some water related experiments and art work. Finally, all children had a great time practising, rehearsing and performing for the Christmas concert, which was a hard-working, but rewarding learning experience for both children and educators.

  • Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from the Montessori Early Education Taringa Team!



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