Our centers philosophy – update

//Our centers philosophy – update

Our centers philosophy – update

Dear staff,

Anna and I are preparing to work through an improvement in our programming over the coming weeks. Anna has suggested that the first thing that we should do is have a review of our Centre’s philosphy. Our philosophy should be at the core of our business and what we aim to each every day. Our programming, policies, procedures and practices should work to support us achieve the outcomes that we have documented in our philosophy.

To that end, below is a our current philosophy, which was last updated in January 2014. Please have a read through the philosophy and make any comments, suggestions or improvements that you think could be added in the next day or so. You can add your comments to the bottom of this post.

Thank you,



Our philosophy in regards to:

The Child:

Our philosophy at Montessori Taringa is to create an optimal learning environment that encourages participation, extends knowledge, provides independence, problem solving, skill development and fosters a “love of learning”. We feel that the child has the right to be treated equally with love and respect. Our role as guides is one of building their self esteem and sense of self worth. We do this by providing a programme that encompasses intellectual, physical, social and emotional aspects of child development.


The family:
We believe that a special bond exists between a child and a parent and that should be safeguarded at all times.  Our service encourages positive relationships with families that are based on mutual trust and open communication.  We feel that families should be encouraged to share their knowledge with their child and in turn this should reciprocate with the understanding that will benefit the child.  We respect each families right to privacy and acknowledge confidentiality.  When addressing concerns, we will find the best possible solution by analyzing all factors and seeking outside help as and when necessary.


The community:

We feel that the diversity of our community is valuable and contribute to the children’s understanding of cultural diversity.  We try to reflect this in our programs and through our staff selection. Through our delivery of the Montessori philosophy we strive to build a community spirit among the teachers, parents and children.


The staff:

We encourage an environment of trust, open communication and mutual respect.  We encourage and support each other to improve our professional and personal strengths, which bring individuality to Montessori childcare Taringa.  Relationships between staff and the families are respected and incorporated into all interactions with the children.


Montessori Childcare Taringa

Dated:  January 2009

Dates Reviewed: January 2014

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