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Show and Share

“Show and Share”

Recently in our Mozart room the children have been participating i our Show and Share activity. The main aim for this activity is to help to build on each child’s confidence, self esteem and build on their own social experiences to explore ways of being.It gives the chance for each child to share areas of interest to them and explore these interests with their peers and educators. This in turn will help with each child’s sense of identity and sense of belonging here at MCT.

This has been very successfully among the group and we have had great input from our families and our children.

In the pictures we have one of girls who recently had her turn at the “Show and Share”. She brought along her favorite story called ‘How you peeling?’ (a story using vegetables to show and explain about different types of feelings). I read the story for the children then as group we talked about the different feelings and explained times when we might have certain feelings. She alsobrought along some vegetables and some arts and crafts and put some faces on the vegetables, all of them happy. This was a great activity with the children and everyone got involved.

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