Staff Meeting – Thu 27th Aug 2015

//Staff Meeting – Thu 27th Aug 2015

Staff Meeting – Thu 27th Aug 2015

Dear Parents,

We had our regular staff meeting last Thursday. The meeting was enjoyed along with the West Coast coolers (Blast from the past, thanks Janet) and a Vegan Malaysian Curry (thanks Tristan ;).

Topics of the meeting covered this month were:

– Introduction of Staff communication book (Ratio Book), to ensure all incidents are communicated effectively to staff and parents everyday as well as ensuring that staff are aware of children that require additional toilet training attention.

– A review of our building maintenance backlog, that we hope we can action very shortly.

– An Introduction to more formalised staff appraisal and personal development processes.

– We discussed our plan to get together on a weekend in the next few weeks as a team to repaint our centre!

– We discussed our Father’s day plans with Miss Sam and Miss Mia volunteering to help coordinate things

– And finally, Miss Anna provided some samples of some new programming tools and templates to our staff that she would like to introduce.

We hope you’ve all had a great week so far! Father’s Day is just around the corner!

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