Weekly Journal, 11th Mar, 2016- Michelangelo Over 2’s

//Weekly Journal, 11th Mar, 2016- Michelangelo Over 2’s

Weekly Journal, 11th Mar, 2016- Michelangelo Over 2’s

Dear parents and caregivers,

As you all know, we were learning about fire last week, so we decided to teach about fire’s opposite- water this week. We learnt about the colour of water: we observed how water has no colour- its clear, so it always gets the base colour of the environment in which we put it in. We tried putting water in different coloured container and see how water changes its colour from clear to the container’s colour. We talked about the bodies of water (rivers, ponds, oceans, lakes, sea and drops in a shower) and about the difference between them. Kids really enjoyed talking about under water diving. After that we discussed the 3 states of water (liquid, solid and gaseous). We looked at boiling water to see steam coming out as a gaseous state of water. We touched and held ice to experience the solid state of water and poured water in a cup to observe its liquid state.

Today we did an experiment on how all colours get dissolved in water, but oil can’t get dissolved, it floats on top instead. We also did a colour mixing activity to observe how if we mix two primary colors, they make a secondary colour. The kids really enjoyed colour mixing. During art and craft we did lots of activities, we did water painting on white paper to see that water has no colour, water colour painting by spraying water on crepe paper and saw how water absorbs colour from the paper, we also did an activity during which we noticed how cotton sucks water up and gets heavy.

We all had a nice week and we hope you all have a lovely weekend!

  • Miss Sakshi Sharma (Sam) and Miss Tahlia


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