Weekly Journal, 19th Feb, 2016- Mozart Class

//Weekly Journal, 19th Feb, 2016- Mozart Class

Weekly Journal, 19th Feb, 2016- Mozart Class

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

This week the children had the opportunity to be more creative. During our morning circle time they could mark by themselves the corresponding month, day of the week, current date and weather. We continued learning about China and watched videos of a proper Dragon and Lion Dance- some children thought it was very realistic and seemed a bit frightened, but calmed down as soon as they’ve realized it’s just people with costumes. Chinese New Year is always the harbinger of Spring, so during our arts and crafts we’ve introduced the children to a new technique- paint blowing cherry blossoms. We’ve put a few drops of diluted black paint on the bottom of the paper and children blew it to make branches of a cherry tree, then printed pink blossoms with their fingers. Artistic and fun!

Mateus from Brazil joined our class from this week. Welcome to MCT!

Have a great weekend, may it be sunny, but not steamy!

  • Ms. Janet, Ms. Aline and Ms. Julija
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