Weekly Journal, 1st April, 2016- Michelangelo Over 2’s

//Weekly Journal, 1st April, 2016- Michelangelo Over 2’s

Weekly Journal, 1st April, 2016- Michelangelo Over 2’s

Hello everyone,

We hope you all had a nice week , In Michelangelo over 2’s we were learning about Farm animals . We learnt lots of farm animals songs with actions. Kids really enjoyed learning about, what noise different animals makes. We were familiar with few noises i.e cows , dogs, pigs and sheep’s noise , but we also learnt about Donkeys noise, birds noise and Roosters noise. We also talked about what we get from farm animals like :- Wool, Milk and Eggs. We did matching cards activity with cow, hen, pig, horse and sheep cards .

Kids also experience touching and feeling to plastic but real looking animals and also experience some animals from our outside play ground.

In Practical life we enjoyed spreading Jam and Butter on our bread . We also learnt about sorting colors activity with all 7 different colors.

It was Miss Sam’s last day before going to maternity leaves , so we all had a little party in the afternoon , and we all enjoyed that .

Hope you all have a nice weekend !

And Thanks to all parents for their lovely presents and good wishes!

Miss Sakshi Sharma (Sam)


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