Weekly Journal, 1st April 2016, Michelangelo Under 2’s

//Weekly Journal, 1st April 2016, Michelangelo Under 2’s

Weekly Journal, 1st April 2016, Michelangelo Under 2’s

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

During the week Ms Sanju and Ms Jenna introduced to the children a few activities. Ms Sanju provided a pegging activity on Tuesday, so they had a chance to practice how to peg little clothes on the line. On Wednesday the children learnt about colours with cars. They reviewed the primary colours and learnt new ones such as white and black. They matched colours with cars and counted them (1 to 10). Ms Jenna provided a new stacking activity which was animals with numbers on them, so they stacked them and learnt about animals’ names like a lion, an elephant, a tiger, a zebra, etc. They learnt about insects on Thursday. This was an interest from one of the children, so we followed up on it and taught about it.  Ms Jenna showed to the children 3D insects such as an ant, a fly, a grasshopper, a cricket and a cockroach. They observed and played with them. On Friday the children made play-dough together with their educators. They touched the flour and poured water by themselves. They also dropped the red food colouring in. Ms Jenna provided lots of tools and different length straws. They stamped shapes like a triangle, a star, a bear, a circle and a cat in the play-dough and then put straws in.

This week we welcomed Miss Andrea who is new assistant educator in our class.

Have a lovely weekend!!!

  • Ms Sanju, Ms Jenna and Ms Andrea
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