Weekly Journal, 24th Mar, 2016- Mozart Class

//Weekly Journal, 24th Mar, 2016- Mozart Class

Weekly Journal, 24th Mar, 2016- Mozart Class

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This week we’ve been learning about the letter E as part of our Easter topic. We mentioned that E is a vowel, so it has more than one sound and we gave the following vocabulary as an example: egg, eight, elephant for the short E sound and Easter, eagle, emu for the long E. (We skipped the irregular E sounds, such as in Earth and Europe). We spoke about how Easter is celebrated around the world, especially in Russia, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, U.K., Japan, China, the U.S.A. and of course, Australia. We learnt a new song “I’m a little bunny” which the children practiced singing throughout the week. Children made foam eggs on sticks, Easter baskets and other individual art.

Today was the peak of our week which everyone was waiting for; we had a cooking class (we melted chocolate drops into a paste and squeezed them into flower moulds, then topped it all with rainbow sprinkles), played egg games and had an egg-on-a-spoon race, and ended it with the much anticipated Easter egg hunt. Everyone ate their special sprinkled flower chocolates for afternoon tea. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

We also welcomed a new trainee, Andrea, to our centre, she will be helping mostly in the younger rooms.

Happy Easter holiday, enjoy your long weekend!

  • Ms. Janet, Ms. Aline, Ms. Andrea and Ms. Julija


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