Weekly Journal 29th Jan 2016 Michelangelo Under 2’s

//Weekly Journal 29th Jan 2016 Michelangelo Under 2’s

Weekly Journal 29th Jan 2016 Michelangelo Under 2’s

Dear Parents and Caregivers,


Last week of January, woo hoo!

We had a busy and fun week. Every morning we sang the good morning song and the weather song. We also sang our favourite songs with movement. We learnt a few new songs with actions this week and we are going to practice them during next week.

During the week, children learnt about Australia. Ms Sanju and Ms Jenna introduced them to different ways about the Australian life. We talked about living in Australia and looked at its map. We also observed its flag, the colours and shape through this activity. Ms Jenna introduced the Australian animals to us, such as kangaroo, koala, emu, cockatoo, possum, etc.  On Friday she introduced some Australian food to us, such as vegemite, lammingtons, sausage, sausage rolls, meat pie, fish and chips. The children had toast with vegemite and lammingtons in the morning time. They’ve learnt how to spread butter and vegemite on toast.

During the Montesorri time they followed their own interests, as per usual. Some of the children played with 3D fruits and animals while others worked with the pink tower and brown stair. They also played with various blocks (Lego, wooden, Duplo, etc). Some of the children did practical life activities such as transferring rice with a spoon and pouring water, etc. The children enjoyed doing art, such as painting, drawing and moulding play-dough.

Have a good weekend!!

Ms Sanju and Ms Jenna

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