Weekly Journal, 5th Feb, 2016- Michelangelo Over 2’s

//Weekly Journal, 5th Feb, 2016- Michelangelo Over 2’s

Weekly Journal, 5th Feb, 2016- Michelangelo Over 2’s

Dear parents and caregivers,

As you all know, last week was very busy for us; we were working very hard to settle the new kids into our classes. Well, the good news is that all the kids are pretty settled in now and this month we can start our Montessori program properly.

In the math area we were learning about numbers 1 to 5 with pom poms and sandpaper numbers. We also learnt a few new songs, “Five carrot buns”, “Five jelly fish ” and “Five little speckle frogs”. We played a dice game and tried to count the dots on a big dice. Many kids were interested in our number puzzles.

In the practical life area, Miss Sam showed us how to transfer pine cones with the help of thongs. We practiced using thongs for picking up fruits for morning tea. It’s funny, but some kids started picking their sandwiches up with thongs during lunch time and after that they loved practicing using thongs for everything.

In the language area we practiced working with a flashcard activity; kids learnt the name of objects by looking at the picture and then practiced matching cards. We all worked very hard to use kind words instead of crying or pointing at the things we wanted, and we believe many kids have already improved their language skills by talking to their friends and teachers at school.

Following the kids’ interest from last week, we talked about the Australian animals. We spoke about a koala bear, kangaroo, kookaburra, rainbow parakeets, turtle and emu. Kids really showed an interest in learning about Aussie animals, so we talked about where do the animals live, what do they eat and what colour they are. We also read some Australian animals stories, “Who am I” (it was about a kangaroo’s various body parts), ” All about Possums” and ” Bird in my backyard (about a magpie).

During art and crafts we coloured animals and painted a koala, kangaroo, an emu and a kookaburra .

We all had a great week. As we are going to learn about Chinese New Year (CNY) next week, we welcome parents to provide input on our programming sheets; you can share stories with the kids, show pictures if you have any and talk about the Chinese culture and how the CNY is celebrated. If you have time in the morning or afternoon, we are more than happy to accommodate you in the classroom for the above mentioned short presentation about the CNY. Thank you!


  • Ms. Sam with her staff


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