Weekly Journal, 5th Feb, 2016- Michelangelo Under 2’s

//Weekly Journal, 5th Feb, 2016- Michelangelo Under 2’s

Weekly Journal, 5th Feb, 2016- Michelangelo Under 2’s

Hello everyone!

February has started! Last month we had a busy and hard time. We have lots of new children now, so we had to focus on letting them settle into our classroom. Most have settled in now, but some of them need more time, so we will support them as much as we can.

During this week, Ms Sanju and Ms Jenna introduced us to new practical life activities. The children were introduced to the “matching lids to containers” activity, and folding and unfolding various clothes. Through these activities, they were developing their fine motor and language skills, such as learning the basic colours (red, yellow, blue). They also learnt how to pour water and transfer rice with a spoon. They used a small teapot set, so they enjoyed a tea party during this activity. The children really enjoyed it and it contributed to developing their social skills. On Friday they learnt how to wash fruit with our 3D fruit models. They had a chance to wash the fruit by themselves. Practical life activities can be used in real life.

During the Montessori time they followed their own interests. Some of the children played with the pink tower and a grading tower, while others played with puppets. They also played with various blocks (Lego, wooden, Duplo, etc). Some of the children made a long rail track with wooden blocks and then they rode with trains on it. Most of the children played with various puzzles (animals, fruit, shapes, etc).

The children enjoyed doing art, such as painting with sponges, drawing with coloured pencils, etc.

Have a good weekend!!

  • Ms Sanju, Ms Tahlia and Ms Jenna


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