Weekly Journal, 7th march 2016- Michelangelo Over 2’s

//Weekly Journal, 7th march 2016- Michelangelo Over 2’s

Weekly Journal, 7th march 2016- Michelangelo Over 2’s

Hello everyone,

Last week was full of leaning and fun. On Thursday we watched campfire in our back garden which was built by Mozart Class’ teachers and children, we also explained to the kids why it is dangerous to go close to the fire. During arts and crafts we painted a fireman’s helmet and firetruck. We learnt a new song “I am a litter fire fighter and my name is Joan”.

On Friday we had a fireman’s visit at our school, so we were very busy and I’d like to apologise for not posting the weekly journal until now. The firemen talked to us about emergency situations, wore uniforms which protect them from fire and explained to us all about it. We did a fire evacuation by holding the rope and walking out in line; it was very successful. The firemen showed us what they keep in the truck for emergency: a big and a small hose (we all had a turn at holding and using the hose with the high pressurised water), axes, cutters, jaws of life, rams, and blades are stored in secure cabinets on the truck to help firefighters gain entry to buildings and vehicles. In the end we all got stickers from the firemen.

We would like to say thank you to the parents who came as volunteers, it was great to have all of you here. Have a lovely week!

Miss Sakshi Sharma (Sam) and Miss Tahlia!



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