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 Our centres provide additional programs in addition to the Montessori Program. Some Programs are optional but we like to encourage parents to recognise the benefits in providing extra activities for their children.

Happy Feet Fitness

Happy Feet Fitness entertains, inspires and encourages children to make positive healthy choices for themselves, the world around them, and in their relationships with others.


Weekly Fun Soccer

Children want to have fun and parents want them to be physically fit—the good news is that we offer both! Our weekly fun soccer programs offers the perfect mix of fun, physical activity, and instruction in soccer that is sure to please both parent and child.

Your kids won’t even realise that they are getting fit as they have so much fun in their soccer class. Whether your child is a seasoned soccer pro or just starting out, we have a program that can fit them perfectly. We encourage a positive, nurturing, and safe environment which means that as they learn soccer it’s a very empowering activity.