Monthly Journal, October 2018- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

//Monthly Journal, October 2018- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

Monthly Journal, October 2018- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

October was a fun month with the Queen’s Birthday Holiday, show & tell sessions during Children’s Week and of course, Halloween! Thank you to those parents who joined us for trick-or-treating, our children had so much fun! Here’s what individual classes were up to last month:

Monet Class: We have been focusing on reminding children of the rules and encouraging them to take responsibilities for themselves. Throughout the weeks we spoke about how one should present themselves, treat others, and the appropriate way to move around whilst in the classroom. We had many discussions regarding these things, talking about “How do you want people to treat you”, “How should we treat our friends”, “Should we leave toys and materials everywhere or should we tidy up after we finish playing”. We looked at healthy and unhealthy eating. During the week the children participated in a variety of different activities designed to enhance their knowledge of healthy vs unhealthy living. The children looked at posters, food classifications and read many books containing healthy and unhealthy food items. At the end of the month we saw some very big changes happen in Monet and Michelangelo classrooms, as the two age groups merged together. This was not only a big change for the children and their parents, but also for us, educators. We had many conversations and discussions with the children by reassuring them and explaining the changes to them. We focused on normalizing the children in the new routine of the room and giving clear directions of the expectations of the environment. To make sure children would not feel overwhelmed, we worked with materials and activities children are well familiarised with. We also took time to prepare our classroom and make baskets for our Halloween event. All children enjoyed themselves preparing for the event and participating!

Michelangelo Class: We explored to topic “Manners and Kindness” by having many discussions about how to make our friends happy, rather than sad, by being kind, sharing and helping others in need. We spoke about acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour and the rules of the room such as “We listen to others”. To reinforce the theme we read to books about manners and photos of children expressing good and bad actions, and we reflected on them. We learnt about table manners and enjoyable mealtimes. Our discussions were regarding the routine of mealtimes we have at the centre and at home. We also observed various types of mealtimes we can experience such as a picnic, BBQ party, dinner with family and tea party. We enjoyed a picnic in our yard and role modeled manners at the table. We also planted a sunflower that we’ll observe growing throughout the weeks. We explored numeracy and math skills focusing on counting up to 5 and recognizing numbers. For the most advanced children, we introduced the concept of zero. We then followed the children’s interest in Spring by learning about flowers, plants and bugs, such as bees, butterflies and ants. We spoke about the seasons and their characteristics in general when setting the calendar. Then we explored what we called a spring basket; inside, the children could find some of the elements we see during this season and we learnt a butterfly’s life cycle with matching cards. We celebrated Children’s Week with a picnic outside and fun games with balloons and hula-hoops, then went Trick-or Treating for Halloween in the end of the month. 

Mozart Class: This month the children continued leaning about the animals on different continents, which was engaging to them; they had good chances to talk about their favorite animals and the animals they saw in their home countries. During Children’s Week – ‘A Caring World Share’ this year the children had time to understand about their rights and responsibilities in contribution to the family happiness and the society safety. They talked about ways to be healthy and safe and to show care to friends and family members. They played fun outdoor games with friends to learn to share and taking turns. The most interesting event of this month was Halloween. We learnt about the typical things or images relating to Halloween, dressed up as beautiful cartoon characters and went for Trick or Treating to other classes and the office. Everyone who was there that day enjoyed it so much, thank you to those parents who joined us!

NOTE: The weather is still unpredictable in spring, so please make sure your children have suitable clothes for hot or cold days. Thank you! November will bring our most anticipated event of the year- our Christmas and Graduation Concert. We hope to see all of you on the 23rd of November from 5:00 to 7:00 PM!

  • Montessori Early Education Taringa Team


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