Monthly Journal, September 2018- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

//Monthly Journal, September 2018- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

Monthly Journal, September 2018- Monet, Michelangelo and Mozart Class

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

September was an exciting month with the fire department visit; most children were eager to show the firemen that we know a lot about fire safety, especially how to Stop-Drop-Roll and evacuate in an emergency. Here’s what the classes were individually up to.

Monet Class: We learnt about ‘fire safety’ in preparation for our visit from the local fire department. During those weeks we rehearsed different scenarios with the children to better prepare them for possible fires within the centre. These exercises helped the children to be aware of what they do in these circumstances, be less frightening and cause less panic if there was an actual evacuation. During class time we looked at the ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ technique – stop moving, lie down and roll if clothing catches on fire. We also looked at this technique through a game form. We did some crawling through rooms to avoid smoke inhalation. After the excitement of the fire fighter visit we went on to learn about the season ‘spring’ and ‘weather’. During those two weeks we did many object-to-picture matching, flashcards, sensory bins and other activities that incorporated the essence of the topics.  It was also a time to revisit and refresh what we have learnt previously. At the end of September the children participated in a practical life experience, washing chairs. Everyone enjoyed getting into the spring-cleaning mood; it was fun to step out of the classroom and do something a little different from the activities we mainly do in the rooms.

Michelangelo Class: We learnt about fire safety and fire brigade. Children practised the “Stop, Drop and Roll” technique and calling ‘000’ for help. We did various colouring, matching and sorting activities related to the theme. Inspired by the beginning of Spring, we chose to explore the topic of ‘Flowers’. Throughout the week we did sensorial activities with real flowers and learnt about their parts. Children had the opportunity to engage their senses, enhance their fine motor development and learn how to take care of plants. We also introduced the flower arrangement Montessori activity which is still very popular in our class. We held a cooking class where children built their own plant pot out of biscuits. We extended the flower topic to gardening as children showed a strong interest around this theme. We focused on taking care of the plants we had in our centre’s backyard by watering them consistently. We learnt about some tools we can use when gardening and we planted beans in a jar to observe how seeds grew into plants.

Mozart Class: This month the children had a great time learning about Fire and Fire Safety. The visit of Firemen and their fire-truck made them engage in the topic and learning activities. By the end of the two week’s learning about fire safety, they could identify the good and bad fire and understood the fire safety techniques. They had time practising ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ in the case of clothes catching on fire and ‘Get Down Low and Go Go Go’ for burning house situations. They also practised Fire Dills and Lock Down Procedures with the whole center. In the last two weeks of September they initiated the animal topic and decided on “Animals from different continents”. They learnt the Continent Poem and sounds, as well as movements, of different animals. It was an interesting and educational month!

NOTE: The weather is quite unpredictable with heat and storms, so we’d like to request from parents to continue bringing a variety of clothes for their children, thank you! October is upon us and this year we’ll hold a Halloween Party again. Parents will be invited to join us for trick-or-treating and taking photos. An email with a time schedule for each class will be sent via Kindy Hub during the second-last week of October to give you enough time to organise yourselves should you wish to join us. Costumes are highly recommended even for parents!

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