Weekly Journal, 11th Mar, 2016- Michelangelo Under 2’s

//Weekly Journal, 11th Mar, 2016- Michelangelo Under 2’s

Weekly Journal, 11th Mar, 2016- Michelangelo Under 2’s

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

This week the children did practical life and sensorial activities. They practiced ‘Pouring water’; through this activity they also learnt how to wipe if they spill water. The next day, Ms Sanju introduced to them various bodies of water, such as pond, drops in a running shower, ocean and water fall.

On Wednesday Ms Jenna introduced sensorial activities to the class, like play-dough that was hand-made and rainbow rice. They really enjoyed exploring these activities. The educators provided plastic knives and coloured sticks, so children could make birthday cakes with these tools. They also learnt about shapes and colours by using play-dough and rainbow rice. It was fun exploring through these materials and their sensorial aspects; all children in the Under 2’s Class rely heavily on all their senses while learning about new things, so this week we focused mostly on their visual and tactile sense.

Have a great weekend!!!

  • Ms Sanju, Ms Rikki, Ms Jenna and Ms Tahlia
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