Weekly Journal, 18th Mar, 2016- Michelangelo Over 2’s

//Weekly Journal, 18th Mar, 2016- Michelangelo Over 2’s

Weekly Journal, 18th Mar, 2016- Michelangelo Over 2’s

Hello all the parents and caregivers ,

This week we were learning about Harmony day, we talked about different countries and different people. We also had a look at different countries’ flags and we tried to find our countries on the globe. Miss Sam is from from India, she showed us the Indian flag and she also sung her National Anthem,”Jan Gan Man”. Miss Sam showed us her wedding pictures in a traditional dress, pictures of different Indian food, some pictures of Indian Festivals (Holi, Diwali and Lohri), as well as of Henna. On St Patrick’s day we watched the Irish dance video. We also try to dance and had lots of fun. During arts and crafts we made lots of hand print paintings and we learnt how we belong in the Australian community.

Ken brought some pictures from his country Japan, his mummy explained about Japanese traditions, Edward brought his book to show us and we learnt all about Great Britain, Fatih brought some Indonesian food to share which was very nice. Miss Sanju talked about her country Nepal and showed us some pictures of Mount Everest. Miss Jenna talked about Korea and showed us some of her childhood pictures, as well as shared some Korean food with us. We would like to thank the parents who came to our center to represent their country and culture.

Have a lovely weekend !

Miss Sam and Miss Rikki

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