Weekly Journal, 18th Mar 2016, Michelangelo Under 2’s

//Weekly Journal, 18th Mar 2016, Michelangelo Under 2’s

Weekly Journal, 18th Mar 2016, Michelangelo Under 2’s

Hello, everyone!

During this week we learnt about various countries because of Harmony Day on Friday. Ms Sanju introduced various countries’ flags to us. We talked about our own countries and Ms Sanju introduced Nepal to us which is her country. She showed us traditional clothes and pictures of Mountain Everest. On Thursday Ms Jenna introduced Korea to us which is her country. She showed us her traditional clothes, flag and pictures about Korea. She showed us the Taekwondo uniform and how to do Taekwondo. We also learnt to say “Hello” in Korean. During the week we also learnt the rainbow colours in different ways, such as drawing, playing with rainbow rice and hand painting.

On Friday we celebrated Harmony Day together. Some parents visited our centre and enjoyed the celebrations. We tasted various international food and had the opportunity to learn about different countries of the world. We really enjoyed the time together and experienced how multicultural our centre is.

Have a lovely weekend!!!

Ms Sanju, Ms Rikki, Ms Jenna and Ms Anna


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